Single Sign On

AuditFindings provides single sign on capabilities.  At present, we support the following systems:

OktaClick here for instructions for implementing single sign on with Okta.

If you use a different system for single sign on, please contact us at and we may be able to accommodate the system. 

Some of the key attributes of using single sign on:

Once configured, users will be imported automatically from the single sign on system into AuditFindings. These users will be disabled by default.  An administrator must enable the users in AuditFindings to allow them access to the application.

A user could also have direct access to AuditFindings if an administrator sets a password within or the user resets or creates their own password.

All single sign on users will be imported at the Assignee level.  If an organization should require another level of access, an administrator must change that user's level within AuditFindings.

If single sign on configuration is removed, the users will remain within AuditFindings, but they would not be able to access the system via the single sign on system.




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