Internet Protocol (IP) Restrictions

If your company does not want users to be able to access the system from outside of the corporate network, an administrator can limit the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses that users can access the system.  These restrictions can be set per user.

To Restrict User Access To Specific IP Addresses

Step 1:  As an administrator, go the Admin page under the Security Settings and set the specific IP Ranges that users are allowed to access.


Step 2:  Apply the IP Restriction to a specific user.  This is accomplished within each specific user's account.  From the Admin page, open the specific user and set the Restricted option.  This will apply the IP restrictions set in step 1. 


Step 3: Confirm that the IP restrictions are applied the intended users.  View the list of users.  The users that have been restricted to only the authorized IP addresses are listed as "Restricted" under the IP Restriction column.  Users with "None" can access the system from any location.






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