Custom Field Management

We know that you may want to track different data than the specific fields that we have provided.  The custom fields section provides you the opportunity to add additional tracking fields.  This section is where you add and rename the fields.  For example, you could change "Custom Field 1" to "Governing Regulation".  In this example, the Governing Regulation could be a field to track the specific regulation that an audit issues related.

To use the custom fields.

1)  Upgrade to a paid account

2)  Enable the custom fields for either Audits and/or Issues

Admin > Custom Field Management > Edit Custom Fields > Enable | Disable up to ten fields.


Once the fields are enabled, the fields will appear within the respective modal, such as via the Issues tab.  See below.


In addition to being able to use the fields within the Issues modal, you can use the enabled fields via the import.  See below.




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