Assign Issues To Others

If you have not set up additional users, please do so before trying to assign issues to others. Here is an article on setting up additional users.

Assuming that you have multiple users configured on the system, you can assign audit issues to these users. 

Individually Assign Items

  • Go to the issues tab
  • Select the items
  • Click edit
  • Select the user to assign the issue

The user will not be notified that an issue was assigned to them in AuditFindings.  When they log into AuditFindings they will see assigned issues on their Dashboard, under Issues Assigned to Me.

Assign Multiple Items At One Time

If you want to assign multiple items to a single user, use the mass edits feature.

  • Go to the issues tab
  • On the left side menu, select the check box for the items to assign
  • On the bottom of the page, select the drop down box option for "assign"
  • Select the user to assign the items

Like the individually assigned items, the user will see these issues on their Dashboard under the Issues Assigned to Me section.

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