Adding Issues

There are two primary methods to enter audit findings.  These two methods are detailed below. 

Option One - Manually Adding Issues

This method is beneficial if you have only a few items, or the items are not already in a spreadsheet.

  • Select the Add New button
  • Select or confirm audit to assign the issues
  • Enter the desired information
  • Select Save and New to add additional items
  • Select Save and Close

Option Two - Import Issues

This method is beneficial if the audit issue information is already in a spreadsheet.

NOTE:  If you have additional fields to enter, you should ensure that your custom fields have been set up prior to the import.

  • Select the import button
  • Select the file to import.  The file must be must be one of the following formats: .xlsx or .csv.  Ensure the file is in an importable layout.  Headings and columns only, no merged fields. 
  • Map the fields from the file to the fields in the system
  • Select Import
  • Verify that the import was successful

A detailed article on the import process, including a downloadable guide and sample files are address in the following article.



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