Mass Edits

The mass edit function allows you to perform actions on multiple items, in particular audit issues, at one time.  The mass edit feature allows you to complete the following.

From the Issues tab

  • Add comments
  • Add tags
  • Archive/Restore
  • Assign issues to someone
  • Assign a Department
  • Assign issue to an audit
  • Export
  • Follow / Stop Following
  • Update Actual Resolution Date
  • Update Priority
  • Update Status
  • Update Target Resolution Date

From the Audit tab

  • Add comment
  • Add tag
  • Archive / Restore
  • Update Completed Date


To use the mass edit feature, select the check box on the left for the desired items.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the appropriate action from the drop down. 

Depending on a user's access level, not all features may be available. 




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