Structure Overview

The overall structure of the system is straightforward.  There are six main tabs across the top.  These tabs are summarized below.

Dashboard:  Used to provide oversight into the various audits and issues managed via the system.  Click Here to learn more about the Dashboard.

Audits Tab:  Provide a list of audits and the number of issues assigned to those audits. 

Issues Tab:  For each audit, individual issues or "audit findings" may be entered.  Once entered, these items may be tracked to ensure corrective action is completed.

Files Tab: The files tab provides a single location to obtain documents that have been uploaded into the system, which facilitates requests from regulators or other stakeholders.

Reports Tab: Provides a centralized area to obtain data on specific issues or audits. 

Admin Tab:  This is where you update billing, add additional users, and manage customization such as Tags, Fields, etc. 



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