2021 - Layout Update

On Monday, October 11, 2021, AuditFindings will be deploying a major update to the system.  Although there are many underlying changes, the primary changes user will see is to the interface.  There will be a major difference to the Dashboard and all modals will now open from the right. 


The change to the Dashboard is needed to display custom statuses and custom priorities.  By using graphs, any number of custom priorities and statuses may be displayed.   For Administrators, custom priorities and statuses can be added via the Admin > Customizations section.


The remaining application should function in a similar fashion as before, with the exception of modals entering from the right.   For a transition period, existing users can still access the old layout by selecting the Change Theme option in the menu.  A few items in the old theme may now be broken.  Any broken items in the old interface will not be fixed.  All future efforts will be to enhance the new interface.  As such, we encourage all subscribers to use the new interface and report any issues that may be encountered.

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