Change Log

This document provides a listing of changes to the system.  If you have any questions about changes, please contact us at

2/10/2019:  The access level control has received a significant update.  Now separate groups can be created to allow different access to the tabs and most of fields.  For example, a group can be created that only allows users access to specific department and only specific fields.  Click here to learn more about access levels.

2/10/2019:  Added Root Cause management.  The selection of a root cause can be identified per issue.  The options can be selected via dropdown.  The options are managed via the Admin section.  Comments can be added as well.

2/10/2019:  Added Verification section.  The status an item can be designated as such items as requiring verification, verified, etc.  Like Root Cause, these items are managed via the Admin page.

2/10/2019: The chart-based widgets on the Dashboard can now be include selection of multiple options, such as showing only a selection of departments.

2/10/2019:  Administrators can select what columns can be displayed on the issues tab.  If granted access, users can individually select what columns they should like displayed. 

1/18/2019:  Countries, Regions, and Departments, can be added to audits as well as issue tabs.  If an Country, Region, or Department is added to an audit, it will assign all issues within that audit to the applicable setting on the audit.

1/17/2019: Fixed an issue where pdf exports failed when audit names included special characters.  Added "Is Not Equal To" option to issue status.

1/17/2019: Added a "quarterly" option for summary emails.

12/17/2018:  Fixed an issue where dashboard widgets did not render properly for some users with specific OS/Browser combinations.

12/1/2018:  Upgraded the operating system, and implemented real-time mirroring for disaster recovery on the hosted version.

11/10/2018:  Fixed an issue where the modal did not open when clicking an issue ID from a summary email.  Fixed an issue where users list did not display on the bulk action edits for issues.

11/1/2018:  Fixed an issue where the new modal, "Save and Close" acted like the "Save and New"

10/31/2018:  Added "Issues I Own" widget to the Assignee level users.  Fixed an issue where the "Custom Date" field hangs on edit.

10/24/2018:  Fixed an issue where the "go to" issues button from the audit tab did not filter the issues by audit.  Fixed an issue preventing the bulk download of files. 

10/20/2018: Fixed an issue where saving added an update in the history for custom fields. 

10/15/2018: Fixed several smalls items button formats, messages, tool tips, etc.

10/10/2018: Changed the order of comments to include most recent on top.

9/28/2018:  Added ability within custom fields for up to five dates to be included within Audits, Issues, or both.

9/24/2018:  Changed the email notification format.  Most emails will include a link directly to the issues in the notification.  If the user is not logged in, they will be prompted to log in at that time.

9/19/2018: Added additional Custom Field Capabilities, to include a Select option.  With the select option, you can add items to a list to have a dropdown available in audits and/or issues.

9/3/2018:  Added the ability for bulk action delete of items on the Issues tab.  Only personnel with delete capability will have the delete option in the bulk action list.

8/31/2018:  Modified how the Dashboard widgets count items.  Only open items are now included.  For example, if an item is closed it will not be included in past due count.

8/21/2018: Added a "history" or audit trail of issue changes to the issue tab. 

8/17/2018: Changed the behavior on how issues notify new users of assignment.  Now, the system does not send an email notice to the assignee unless the "Save and Notify" is clicked. 

8/17/2018: Provided the ability to export issues and reports in multiple formats, to include .xlsx.

8/17/2018: Added feature that allows URLs to be included or attached via the files tab or directly to issues and audits.

7/27/2018: Fixed an issue where the resend email invite would not work for new users.

7/27/2018: Created new "Combo" reports within the custom report editor. It is not easier to show reports with summary audit information and detailed issue information on the same report.

7/15/2018: Deployed update that addressed many small issues, such as text formatting.

6/21/2018: Deployed a major update do the issue modals. These modals are now on a single page, including tabs for various features.

6/21/2018: Added Country and Region to the Assignee Level access control.

5/17/2018: Added colors to the various table-based widgets on the Dashboard.

5/14/2018: Added a user warning anytime a user clicks off of the edit modal with unsaved changes.

5/10/2018: Added Past Due Issues by Priority.

5/6/2018: Modified the display on the Dashboard.  This includes changing the layout to include 3/4 widgets and 1/4 size widgets.  The primary new widget added is a chart-based widget, Open Issues By Priority.    Other changes include the removal of Change Tracker and Recently Changed from the Dashboard.  The Dashboard is now limited to (12) twelve widgets.

4/30/2018:  Increased the field length for custom fields within Audits or Issues.  Also changed the edit modals to allow these text fields to be manually increased.

4/15/2018:  Enabled a feature in Admin section where custom reports created by one user can be shared across all other users. 

3/30/2018:  A significant update or change to the custom report writer has been completed.  This change streamlines the process of creating a custom reports.  Some of the changed include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • A "Run" button was added to allow the report to be ran directly from the edit screen.
  • The Save As button was added to more easily save a report as a new report
  • The field options were renamed to provide better organization
  • The parameter editor was significantly modified to simplify the users editing parameters used to limit a report. 

2/20/2018:  Updated the Okta Single Sign On method.  The current configuration now uses OpenID and a separate authentication server is no longer needed.   Click here to view the new instructions on configuring single sign on (SSO) with Okta

2/25/2018: The bulk action features that are not available to a starter account are now clearly identified. 

2/21/2018:  Initiated the "Limited Assignee" capability.  The limited assignee is a user that can be assigned to a an issue, but does not have access to the application.  In addition with this change, users can be added directly from the issue edit modal and users can now be imported into the system from a .csv file.  If users are imported, or added via the edit modal, they are added as limited assignees.  If these users are to be given access to the system, their access level must be changed via the user management menu in the Admin panel.  

2/21/2018:  Changed the order of user listings in dropdown menus to "Last Name, First Name" in order to be consistent across the application. 

2/20/2018:  Added Default Reports to the "My Favorite Reports" for new accounts.

2/14/2018:  Changed order of issue owner and issue assignee in the menus to Last Name, First Name. 

2/11/2018: There are several changes to management of new users in the system. These changes include a new access level, Limited Assignee, importing users, adding users directly from the issue modal.

Limited Assignee: The limited assignee access level can be used to add someone to the system in order to assign users to the issue, but not give them login access to the portal. If a limited assign user needs access to the system, their level of access would need to be changed to Assignee level or higher. They would also need to be send and invite, or a password manually configured. The Limited Assignee level user is available in all levels of account.

NOTE: No email notifications will be sent to

Importing Users: An administrator can not import users into the system. These users will be imported at the Limited Assignee Level. The import allows an administrator to bring in users to assign to issues, but not necessary give them access to the portal. Importing users is available in all levels of accounts.

Add a User without Inviting: Along with import, users can be added to the system without the system sending an invite to these users.

Adding Users Directory from Modal:  Administrators using the system can add a new user directly from the issue modal.  This process facilitates workflow during data input as a new use could be added if needed.  If adding a user from the issue modal, the user is created at the Limited Assignee level.

2/5/2018  Added the free reports to the My Favorite Reports for new Starter Account users.

2/5/2018  Clearly identify the Bulk Action features on a Starter account that require an upgrade to use. 

12/20/2017 Change the default widgets that display on the Starter account to only those that have data available with the

12/20/2017 Changed the default listing of reports from 10 to 50.  This change will make it easier for users to see the report available.

12/20/2017 Added Sample data to all new Starter accounts.  This sample data can be easily removed by deleting the Sample Audit from the Audit Tab.

12/14/2017 Fixed an issue where the filter by Audit Type was not functioning properly. 

12/10/2017: Added "NA" as an option the issue Priority and issue Status.  If a priority or status has not been determined, the user may assign "NA".  At anytime, a user may filter issues or created reports based on the "NA" field. 

11/20/2017: Added "Regions" parameter to issues. Items can now be assigned, sorted, and reported on by region. The Regions are added in the Admin section and then assigned to each issue. The custom report writer includes parameters for region. The issues tab filter/search function includes a region parameter as well.

11/9/2017: Added "Country" parameter to issues. Items can now be assigned, sorted, and reported on by country. The Counties are added in the Admin section and then assigned to each issue. The custom report writer includes parameters for country. The issues tab filter/search function includes a country parameter as well.

11/2/2017:  Improved the sorting ability within Issues tab.

10/30/2017: Added ability for users to upload .msg file attachments to issues.

10/29/2017: Added a feature that immediately notifies new owners of an issue if one has been assigned to them.

10/27/2017:  Added ability for "Requirements" to be assigned to an issue.  Requirements may be items such as a regulation, standard, or some other item.  The requirements are added via the Admin panel.

10/22/2017:  Fixed an issue where the Audit/Issue ID did not update to the new Audit if an issue was reassigned to a new audit.  If an issue is assigned to a different audit, the Audit-Issue ID will use the next available issue ID within that audit.  It will not reuse an ID if one has been deleted.  As such, there may be gaps in the sequence if issues assigned to that audit have been deleted.

10/16/2017: Fixed an issue where the duplicate ID may occur after deleting an issue from an audit and subsequently adding issues to the audit.

10/14/2017: Updated the method for setting notifications.  These settings are not globally set by an administrator for all users.  Here is an article on changing the settings.

10/13/2017:  Added the ability for an Owner to be assigned to an issue. 

10/13/2017:  Added a Dashboard widget that shows displays the issues owned by the logged in user. 

10/13/2017:  Added capability for a Summary of Issues to be emailed on a scheduled interval, such as daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.  These summary emails will include all of the issues related to the configured item, such as Summary of Issues Assigned, Summary of Issues Followed, Summary of Issues Owned.  Here is an article on configuring the notification settings.

09/03/2017: Updated the Dashboard widget Change Tracker to clarify changes made to items.

08/26/2017:  Modified Audit tab to display comments in chronological order from oldest to newest.

08/26/2017:  Modified dashboard widgets to show last "public" comments. 

08/21/2017:  Improved the comment capability.  Private comments are now identified by a "lock" icon.  All comments can now be edited and/or deleted. Edits will not show up as a recent comment and will not change the date/time stamp of the original comment.

08/15/2017:  Added ability to send reminders to multiple users via the Issues > Bulk Actions feature.

08/14/2017:  Corrected an issue where new users could not enter American Express card information.

08/07/2017:  Added ability for users to export custom fields from the Issues tab

08/01/2017:  Added a "Copy to Custom" for users to copy reports, including default reports, to the custom report writer.

08/01/2017:  Changed the report PDF export to landscape vs. portrait layout.

NOTE:  Changes prior to 08/01/2017 are NOT included on this document. 




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