How do I add or edit a tag?

Tags can be added to an issue or an audit.  The steps below outline how to add a tag to an issue.  The same process would apply to adding a tag to an Audit.


1) Within an issue edit modal, type the text of the tag in the bottom “Tags” section of an issue or audit.  If the tag does not yet exist in the system, it will be added.

2)  Once the tag name is typed, the tag should turn blue. 

3)       Save and close.  The tag should now be assigned to that item and available for filtering, etc.


4)       You can also add tags via the “Bulk Action” option at the bottom of the issues tab.  This will add the tag(s) to the selected items.  This feature allows you to assign a tag to multiple items at one time.


5)       If you want to later change the tag text or remove it completely, you can do so via the Tag Management section within the Admin page.




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